Week Beginning 11th January

Hello to all our parents 👋🏼

Well done!!!!! 🥇 You did it!!! 🏆 Week 1 is complete!!!!!⭐✔

Thank you so much for all your posts and photos on our private Facebook Group. We have had over 63 posts from parents this week. Thank you so much. This is a great way for us all to keep in contact. If you do not have facebook, I know some parents have been emailing in photos which I am sharing with all the staff and we love this also. So, please keep these coming and show the photos and videos to your children too as it keeps them connected with their friends.

During the last lockdown and school closure back in March, home learning was structured slightly differently. We had a weekly timetable of activities to do each day. However, I know that with the pressures of working from home and also home schooling other siblings that sometimes days do not go according to plan…. and that’s ok. We can only do what we can do!

Home learning is tough!!

Do your best, try to keep each activity relaxed and there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE to do the suggested activities.

I have provided the home learning document below but I will also post on the Facebook Group too. Good luck and we will be in touch on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.